Rocio Castro

Rocio Castro is the Director of Operations at Kinder Law PLLC. She has extensive experience in the legal field, and she always fights hard to get Kinder Law’s clients every dollar they deserve. Rocio is a mother of four children and is unmatched in her commitment to her family and her community.

Rocio grew up in Dilly, Texas, and worked her way up from humble beginnings. She began working multiple jobs, from waitressing to working at Wal-Mart. She always brought excellence to her work leading her to be promoted to a manager for Wal-Mart. But Rocio had even higher ambitions. Rocio worked hard to become a Paralegal at a law firm, Stovall & Associates. When Jennifer struck out on her own, Rocio was right there with her.

Rocio has a great deal of empathy for her community and is proud to continue helping it every day. She has never forgotten her past.. Rocio will always fight tooth and nail to make the lives of those around her better.