Jennifer Anne Kinder

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?”

– Robert Schuller

Jennifer Anne Kinder is the founding attorney of Kinder Law PLLC, a Dallas-based law firm that focuses on personal injury cases and wrongful death. With nearly three decades of experience, her motto is simple: rise to the occasion, and turn a temporary failure into a lasting victory.

Originally from Sherman, Texas, Jennifer moved to Norman, OK to attend the University of Oklahoma where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts. Always fascinated by justice and passionate about equal rights, she continued her studies at St. Mary’s School of Law to pursue – and ultimately complete – a Juris Doctorate.

After graduating, Jennifer took a position with the El Paso Legal Assistance Society to help those in underserved communities in need of legal help. It was here where she found an affinity for stepping up to help where no one else would. Her experience with the organization was both humbling and rewarding, and would eventually play a significant role in the work that she does today.

Eager to gain additional trial experience, Jennifer accepted a position with Baron & Budd P.C. in Dallas, where she was charged with litigating asbestos and other toxic tort cases, paving the way to a future in personal injury claims. Never afraid to take chances, she chose to take a hiatus from the firm when presented with the opportunity to move to Washington D.C. to work with the Democratic National Committee, the John Edwards Presidential Campaign and later the Kerry-Edwards Campaign. She would later return to Dallas to complete nearly two decades of work with Baron & Budd before venturing out on her own.

In 2016, Jennifer founded Kinder Law PLLC, where for the past six years she has built a team dedicated to fighting for justice and compensation in cases involving personal injury and wrongful death. She continues to serve the communities most in need through a variety of nonprofit work and advocacy efforts, including wrongful convictions, DNA testing and Child Protective Services.

A single mother of one young daughter, her spare time is consumed with all things pre-teen. However, when she finds some extra moments, Jennifer eagerly tends to her backyard butterfly and pollinator habitat, and finds quality time to share with her mother – noted as her greatest inspiration and whom she credits with teaching her kindness, respect and compassion.